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Oklahoma Bankers Association praises Ag Bank Sim as a lender training resource

An essential element of commercial banking is converting deposits into profitable loans and investments. Thus, the business plan appears relatively simple. However, the decision environment is extremely complex. Banks operate in a highly dynamic and competitive environment, clouded by the uncertainty of future economic and financial trends and surrounded by the changing legal restrictions. A growing list of competitors, from other banks and financial institutions to other companies and individuals, provide an increasing array of financial services and products. These complex and competitive aspects of commercial banking suggest that bank managers need a good understanding of the potential impacts of decisions and interactions to maintain profit margins and enhance competitive positions.

Ag Bank Sim has been used in both training for bankers and in classrooms on campuses. It offers experiential learning, an opportunity to improve student and employee understanding of the complex competitive environment within which commercial banks operate plus friendly competition!

The objectives of Ag Bank Sim are to:

  1. Provide participants a learning experience in making bank policy decisions that affect the acquisition and use of funds for a rural bank in a dynamic market with competition from other banks.
  2. Increase participants’ understanding of the need for financial planning and analytical decision making in bank asset and liability management.
  3. Generate discussion among bank management team members regarding the potential impacts of management decisions.


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